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Our Mission and Corporate Values

Our Mission
Family-owned, American-born Deyeme Racing is in business to provide the modern Mopar community as well as select other enthusiasts with affordable, durable, and effective automotive aftermarket products for race and show.  We have a wall-full of trophies, and we want to help you win, too!

In The Beginning
Deyeme Racing was founded in 1997 in response to a lack of support in the automotive aftermarket for domestic sport-compacts, as we began modifying our new 1996 Dodge Neon ACR for SCCA Solo2 racing.  In the beginning, we designed and manufactured limited runs our own inventions, selling each product to help finance the next big idea.  Among these were dual-durometer engine mounts, as well as an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, something that was supposedly impossible because of the Neon's returness fuel system.  Before long, our innovative product line expanded to the 2nd generation Neon, the new Stratus Coupe, and many others, and our limited items became regular production products.

Our Focus
We maintain our focus by running with what we sell wherever possible, using our own vehicles as test mules, rather than solely being just another retailer for products developed and manufactured elsewhere.  To that end, we design and manufacture many of our own items in-house!  Where our facilities are limited, we design the parts ourselves, and contract the manufacturing processes, maintaining close control over quality and cost.  Lastly, we find products available elsewhere, or perform sub-assembly to turn puzzle pieces into finished products for our fellow enthusiasts.

Corporate Values
Honor and Glory
We believe in honoring God in all that we do, and giving Him the glory for our success.  Rather than being prideful of what we've accomplished, we always work to do better for ourselves and the enthusiasts we serve, with better parts, better prices, and better customer service.

Respect and Responsibility
We are committed to being a respectful steward of the environment and a responsible corporate citizen.  Most of our vehicles are set up to run clean-air fuel blends such as E85.  Since 2007, our workshop has been "off grid" with solar, which powers building and task lights, battery and plug-in tools, small appliances, and other workshop needs.  We have owned three electric vehicles.  One of these was a Dodge Dakota converted from gas to electric entirely in-house, and we currently own and operate a Polaris Ranger LSV.  We believe part of looking to the future is doing what we can to help ensure a brighter one for our children.

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